QR Code

The QR Code

New frontier of communication with QR Code 2D barcode
QR Codes are having more and more space in the world of communication and production. This special 2D Code has large data storage capacity and is available to everyone. Let us see what is the QR Code.

About a QR Code

QR CodeA QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode (also called 2D code) that immediately stands out for its characteristic matrix unlike the more common barcodes consist of bars, it consists of blacks modules arranged within a square pattern. For more information you can read the guide what is a QR Code that explain more features and applications about 2d code. Or you can read more specification about QR Code as symbol size, encoding, error correction.

The acronym QR is short for “quick response“, resulting from the reason for which it was developed: to enable rapid decoding of its content, like the barcode.


QR Code Features

Create QR Code is very simple, allow the encoding of numbers and letters with a maximum capacity of more than 4,200 alphanumeric characters (numbers, letters and special characters), equivalent to about half a page of text.

Labeljoy is a QR Code software that allows to make your custom QR Code in an easy and fast way, even offline.

It is possible to generate various types of QR Code. Depending on how you created a qrcode, the tag-reader on the mobile decodes the information contained in the qrcode and performs one of the following functions:

url QR Code

Most qrcode is generated by encoding a URL. A URL is a link to an internet website. Labeljoy produces high quality codes, speeding up and facilitating the reading of the QR Code from the smartphone.


In a QR Code can encode the message and the telephone number to which the SMS is sent.

vCard QR Code

You just need to “photograph” a QR to save a contact in the address book of your mobile phone, with such information as name, surname, address and telephone number, and many more.

vCalendar QR Code

It is possible to create vCalendar event by inserting Event Summary, Event Description, start/end date, location Name.

Maps QR Code

A simple QR Code scan can be associated to a precise location on a map such as Google map or Bing map.

Text QR Code

The least used of the possibility of a QR Code is displaying a simple text on the phone.

The QR Code generator allows the reverse process: it is possible to decode a text, send it simply and therefore represent it graphically.

Watch the video how to create barcode and QR Code and see how it is easy to generate QR Code with Labeljoy Barcode software.