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Create QR Code labels with LabelJoy

If you need to create a single QR Code try our Online QR Code Generator, if you need to create and print QR Code Labels with text, images and importing data from external data sources, LabelJoy is the perfect solution.

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Import QR Codes datas from databases to labels.QR Code Labels

  • With Labeljoy you can connect QR Code labels with different databases in quickly and easily way.
  • Labeljoy provides a guide to create QR Code importing data from databases as Excel, text files, CSV files, Access.
  • Import contacts from Windows Mail, Outlook and Sendblaster.
  • Import data from professional database as mySQL and Oracle.

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How to create QR Code Labels with Labeljoy

LabelJoy allow you to easily create QR Code Labels, download and install LabelJoy on your Pc, open LabelJoy.

Wine Label Qr code

  1. Select the “Insert barcode” bottom from the left toolbar.
  2. Indicate the position on label in which you wish to print the QR Code.
  3. Select “QR Code” from the Barcode type combo box, 3 additional combo boxes are displayed to enable you to define the attributes of this bi-dimensional barcode: Encoding, size and error correction.
  4. Write the text in the lower section, adding counters and data from databases.
  5. Finally click on ok to automatically generate the QR Code.
  6. Change size and dimension of the code directly on the label.

Wine Label Templates