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Labeljoy is a software specialized in printing labels, that allows you to generate and print QR barcodes on labels and business cards in easy way, importing address contacts from dateabase like excel.

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You can download our QR Code generator software to create Qrcode offline at any time. You can also save the QR code created in png, jpg, pdf format.

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In this page you can Create QR Codes with our QR Code Generator and use 2d barcode for many fields:

QR Code for Web:
• Url of Webiste
• Bookmark a Website
• Youtube url

QR Code for Communication:
• Make a Phone call
• Send SMS
• Send email

QR Code for Contacts:
• Create V Card
• Create vCard Event
• Free text format

QR Code for Maps:
• Google Map
• Bing maps
• Geographical Coordinates

Using the form generator on this page, you can create 2D code images that trigger various actions on the scanner device. There are many free applications for ios systems and Android that let you read the QR code generated.