What is a QR Code

What is a Qr Code?

More and more people are asking: What is the qr code?, how can i create one. On this page are the answers to these questions , as well as explaining how to read the QR code and what are the best programs for reading this particular, and increasingly popular, barcode.Qr code example

Qr Code Information

The Code QR Code is a bar code matrix, composed of modules blacks arranged within a square pattern. It is used to store information intended to be read using a mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or any equipment that has the possibility of being able to decode.

The QR Code “Quick Response Code” are an evolution of the traditional barcode. With QR codes can be represented in a two-dimensional graph 4,296 alphanumeric characters. They can be printed on posters, books, business sites, billboards. The image can contain messages, photos, links, data and information which can be accessed quickly.

Qr Code informations

Benefits of QR barcode

The use of this type of symbology has many advantages compared to normal 1D to barcode:

  • Contains a high number of infomation
  • Very low cost of production, it’s a print
  • Open standard and widely
  • Readable by mobile phones
  • Works even if damaged in part

How to create QR codes

To create codes QR codes there are many sites and applications. One of the best tool is the On line QRCode Generators by Labeljoy that allows to create vCard, links to webiste, links to Facebook, Google Map locations and much more.


Alternatively, it’s possible to download Labeljoy, a complete Qrcode software, with which you can generete QR Code, create QRcode labels, print and export barcode to pdf, jpg or png, all without the need of internet connection.

How to read the QR Code

To read the QR Code is enough to have a smartphone or tablet with camera enabled to read the code. There are many free applications that you can install on smartphones that allow access to multimedia content or web services without having to type long addresses the uncomfortable keyboard.

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Barcodes vs. QR-Codes

Aside from the obvious difference of type graph, the main difference is the amount of information stored (20 digits vs 7,089) . With barcode you can sotore only codes, while with the QR Code you can store links, data, entire messages and images. Both are now supplanted by the use of RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification – Wikipedia). But the QR Code (quick response code) has the characteristic that it can be easily read by smartphones and it spreads very quickly to aid of advertising media for links to websites that deepen the descriptions of the advertised products.

Qr Code vs barcode

Qr Code – Barcode Labeljoy encoding