Group properties

group properties

This button gives you access to the menu for managing a label group. It displays 12 items (10 if Labeljoy was registered in Basic or Light mode), and most of them become enabled when a label group is selected.

  • Group settings: opens the group properties dialog box for the selected group.
  • Link data source: starts the link data source wizard.
  • Update data: runs the data update procedure if the selected group is linked to a data source.
  • Add group: adds a new group to the current job.
  • Delete group: deletes the current group from the job.
  • Copy group: copies the selecetd group to the clipboard.
  • Paste group: pastes the group in the clipboard and appends it to the file.
  • Copy image to the clipboard: Copies to the Windows clipboard an image of the selected group.
  • Add barcode: activates the Barcode insert mode.
  • Add text: activates the Text insert mode.
  • Add graphic: activates the Graphic insert mode.
  • Add page element: Activates the Page element insert mode.

This popup menu can also be shown by right-clicking an empty space on a label. Many of these commands are also replicated on the toolbar.