Adding a page element

This page refers to Labeljoy 5, which is not the latest release!

Please upgrade to Labeljoy 6 to get the latest version of the software with all its amazing features, or go to Labeljoy 6 user guide if you already own it.

adding a page element

To add a Page element, you can either enter Page element insert mode by clicking the Insert page element button on the toolbar, or you can click on the Add page element sub-menu on the Group settings menu.

Click the Insert page element button on the toolbar to place Labeljoy in Page element insert mode. Then click and hold the left mouse button anywhere on page, drag the mouse to draw the rectangular area that will hold the new page element, and release the mouse button. A new page element will be inserted.

Alternatively, you can select the Add page element item from the Group settings menu. In this case, a new page element will be automatically added

The newly added item will display the text Page element # (where # is the page element number). The text will be centered horizontally and vertically on the page.