The file menu enables you to perform operations related to saving and loading files created with Labeljoy as well as print the current job.

  • The New command generates a blank new job to be used as starting point for the creation of new labels. See the New icon topic on the main icon bar.
  • The Open command shows a standard Open file dialog box for selecting an existing Labeljoy file from the local disk or network location. See the Open command found on the main icon bar.
  • Subsequently the Save section is found used to save jobs created with Labeljoy. See the Save icon bar command description.
  • The Export menu contains 3 sub-menus that access the export functions: label export, barcode export and page export. This section is not available in the Light version.
  • The Save as default menu enables you to save the current job as the default file, meaning the file that is loaded when Labeljoy starts up.
  • The list of recent files enables you to select the last files you worked on. The command Delete recent file list enables you to remove all recent file entries.
  • The Print section enables you to print jobs and setup the available printers. See the Print icon bar command description.
  • The Option menu enables you to access the option dialog box when the main icon bar is not visible.
  • The Quit menu closes Labeljoy.