Filtering data

filtering data

This step enables you to define filtering criteria to display only a sub-set of records from the loaded set.

Labeljoy enables you to filter data by using the 1 or 2 of the loaded fields as filtering keys.
The Filter by combo boxes contain the field list. Select the one you want to use as the filtering key.
The Operator combo boxes enable you to define the type of comparison operator to be used while filtering data.
Finally, enter a text in the Value text boxes to be used as filtering keys.

In the example shown in this screen shot, the data will be filtered by all customers whose name contains "AN" (such as (Andrew, Canton, Altan, etc) and the season field contains "09" (such as 2009, 2009-2010, 09-12, etc.).

Labeljoy enables you to apply a Single filter or a Double filter.

The filter applied here does not affect the loaded data. It simply hides all data that does not match the filtering criteria.
This type of filtering is applied after the data source is loaded and can be removed at any time.