Link data source wizard

link data source wizard

The Link data source wizard is a simplified step-by-step procedure aimed at connecting a label group to an external data source, so that label elements can display dynamic contents.

To run the wizard, click the appropriate icon on the toolbar.

Alternatively, you can select the Link data source sub menu found under the Group icon.

This functionality is available only in the Full version.

The wizard will guide you through a few steps where you will be asked to enter simple information.
Once the information is set, you will need to click the Next button to proceed to the following step.

In case the wizard is launched against a group that is already connected to a data source, all steps will be pre-populated with the existing settings.

At any time (except for the very last step), you can abort the entire operation by clicking the Cancel button. It is also possible to move back to the previous step by clicking the Back button.