Selecting elements

selecting elements

The last section of the Element view popup menu enables you to access a series of sub-menus that list all elements belonging to the current job.

The upper part lists, whenever present, the page elements; while the following section lists all groups and all elements belonging to each group.

Whenever more than one group is present, the menus will be grouped. Within each group you will find a list of sub-menus containing the elements belonging to that specific group.
Furthermore, each element belonging to a group is grouped by element type. E.g. all Text elements will be shown under the Text sub-menu.

The text displayed in these menus is read from the Name property of each element. The name can be changed under the Position tab in the element setting dialog box and in the group settings dialog box for groups.

These menu items become very important when you need to modify elements for which the mouse cannot be used.

These can happen when:

  • an element is partially or fully covered by other elements.
  • an element has been placed outside the label area.
  • an element has been set with the enable mouse action disabled.

Visible elements can also be selected (and looped through) with the use of the TAB key (select next) or the SHIFT+TAB key combination (select previous).

if you hold down the Control key (CTRL) while selecting an element through these menu items, the corresponding Settings dialog box will be displayed.