Nutrition label

Nutrition Label Template

Create nutrition labels for your company or for selling your homemade food products using Labeljoy printing software.

Download Nutritional Label Templates

Labels must comply with local and state food labeling requirements and with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration food labeling guidelines. Labeljoy is a nutrition labeling software that enables you to create custom food labels such as jam labels and olive oil labels.

Required information includes:

  • Nutrition Facts table
  • Ingredient list
  • Optional nutrition information
The Nutrition Facts table must contain:

  • Calories
  • 13 core nutrients
  • % Daily Value (% DV) of nutrients

Download these nutrition label templates, edit every single parameter and add new fields. You can also enrich your nutrition label with custom barcodes.

Change the layout of the paper to suit your needs depending on the container size.

Then print your custom nutrition labels in adhesive sheets, using standard printers or roll printers.

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