Round labels

Round label templates

Round labels can lend your product an an original and attractive look, in fact, round labels are often printed on sticker labels and used on sale products.

Download free round label templates and print labels easily with a standard or roll printer. Remember, you can change the size of the round labels at all times to tailor them to your needs.

Make your round printable labels

Usually, circular labels are used for labeling cosmetics, clothes to signal special promotions, gift tags, weddings, and many other special types of packaging.

Round and circular labels template

With Labeljoy you can select one of 6500 pre-loaded layouts from the main manufacturers of label sheets, or you can manually set sizes, borders, and margins.

Among the preloaded layouts there are the clear round labels of Avery. They allow you to use sheets purchased from Avery to create your own custom circle labels with Labeljoy: the best labeling software.