Price Tag

Price Tag Template

Create your own price tag with barcode

If you have a business and market your products you can now manage your labels and your price tags, with Labeljoy barcode labeling software can do all this by yourself, simply and quickly. You can generate barcodes and labels with a few clicks, and with the full version, if you have a spreadsheet or a database management can generate them automatically in series.

Labeljoy barcode labeling software automatically generates price tags in a few mouse clicks without any technical knowledge or programming skills and enables you to create a custom price tag in minutes.

Choose the layout and customize your price tag template by editing colors, textures, texts and images. Or download our barcode label templates and easily customize them.


Why Labeljoy?

  • Create your own barcode price tags: Labeljoy enables you to freely generate barcode price labels, with a wide variety of functions that will guide you through the process. Define your own personal graphic style while creating high quality barcode labels.
  • Great support for linear barcode symbologies: Labeljoy generates all the commonly used linear barcode symbologies (Ean 13, Ean 8, Ean 128, ITF 14, UPC, Code 39, Code 93, GS1-128, Interleaved 2 of 5, Industrial 2 of 5, Codabar and more). See our Barcode Guide to learn more about each symbology.
  • Supports 2D barcode symbologies: Labeljoy generates Data Matrix and QR Code. Connect your data to a 2D barcode symbol and generate thousands of 2D symbols in no time. See our about QR Code guide to learn more about QR Code.
  • Export your barcode symbols to image: Labeljoy features a powerful export engine and enables you to save data connected labels to image. It supports png, jpg, tif, gif, bmp graphic formats. Images can be saved in batch mode as labels, as single barcode symbols or as entire sheets.
  • Print with your desktop printer: print your barcode price tags with standard printers or roll printers.
  • Scan your barcode symbols: Labeljoy helps you generate standard size barcode symbols so that each generated symbol honors the selected symbology original specifications and can be easily read by any barcode scanner.