Information label

Make your own QR-Code information labels

Labeljoy Barcode Software creates QR-Code labels, your customers will visit your web site or landing page just by reading your QR-Code with a smartphone, also you can link it to a multimedia resource or video.
Share and increase information your customers can profit with, just by using a smartphone everyone will learn your news.
QR-Code technology is the perfect solution, sometimes you have a lot to tell but little space in the label, expand your possibilities.

If you need to create information label is easy and fast, the graphic and text are easy to insert and modify and if you have a professional database as MySql, Oracle or SQL Server or a simple spreadsheet like Excel nothing  better than Labeljoy for realize also commercial labels.

Watch the video tutorial or read our How to guides.

Here below you can find some free template

Customize your information label template in just minutes!