Code 93

Code 93 Barcode Generator

Labeljoy can generate Code 93 with few clics. The code 93, created in 1982 by Intermec, gives grater density and data security than Code 39 and it is formed by two control characters generated automatically by Labeljoy. Labeljoy barcode software generator can be used by Canada Post to encode delivery information.

Note: Ceck digits are only appended to the barcode 93 symbol. They are not appended to the human readable text.

Code 93 Symbol

Code 93 Symbol

Labeljoy requires you to enter up to 255 characters to generate the code 93 barcode.
For more explications you can see the Tutorial Video that explains how to generate Barcode and QR code

Code 93 symbol

Code 93 can be extended to encode all ASCII characters below 128, including lower case text. Activate the Full encoding check box to enable Full ASCII mode.

Code 93 ASCII Mode

Code 93 in full ASCII mode

Text concatenation:
When a bar code 93 element is generated by concatenating fields or counters, the following rules apply:

  • When is standard mode, the text to be encoded can only contain uppercase letters (A through Z), numeric digits (0 through 9) and one or more allowed special characters (-, ., $, /, +, %, and space).
  • When in Full ASCII mode, the text to be encoded can contain any character up to ASCII 127.

When a value not complying with the above rules is found, the barcode is not displayed.

The human readable text can also be shown above the symbol or hidden according to the setting specified in the Text combo box.

Code 93 with text above the symbol

Code 93 text above

Code 93 with hidden text

Code 93 hidden text