Code 128

Code 128 barcode generator

With Labeljoy software generator you can create the Code 128 barcode, a very high-density barcode symbology. Labeljoy allows to encode all 128 ASCII characters with code 128.

Code 128 is used as base symbology to generate EAN-128 and GS1-128 barcode symbols.
Code128 example

Code 128 Symbol

Labeljoy requires you to enter an alphanumeric text up to 48 characters long to generate the barcode. Enter the text in the text box.
The visually readable text can be displayed below, above, or hidden according to the setting specified in the Text combo box.

Text concatenation:
When a Code-128 barcode element is generated by linking fields or counters, the following rule applies:

  • Text length must not exceed 48 characters.

If a value is found that does not comply with the above rules, the barcode will not be displayed.

Code 128 with text below the symbol

Code 128 text below the symbol

Code 128 text above the symbol

Code 128 with text above the symbol

Code 128 hidden text

Code 128 with hidden text