Copying and pasting elements

copying and pasting elements

In case you need to create copies of label or page elements, you can do it by using the Copy/Paste commands.

To create a copy of an element, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the elements you want to make copies of.
  2. Display the Element settings popup menu by right-clicking one of the selected elements, or by clicking the element settings icon.
  3. Select the Copy command to store in memory the source element you want to copy.
  4. Display the Element settings popup menu once again.
  5. Select the Paste command. At this point an identical copy of the source elements will be added.

The Paste command is also found in the Group settings menu to enable pasting label elements between different groups, or in case the destination group is empty.

Making copies is enabled only when the source and destination contexts are of the same kind. For example, you can copy a page element on the page but not inside a label, since the page element does not belong to a label group (or vice-versa). You can paste label elements between different groups.