Setting visualization priority

This page refers to Labeljoy 5, which is not the latest release!

Please upgrade to Labeljoy 6 to get the latest version of the software with all its amazing features, or go to Labeljoy 6 user guide if you already own it.

setting visualization priority

When elements are overlapping, even partially, you can define the rendering priority by acting on two specific commands found inside the element settings menu.

By modifying the priority order, you can define the rendering order. For example, if two text elements are partially overlapping, you will be able to define which of the two has the higher priority in the overlapping area, so that it will be completely visible and partially covering the one with the lower priority.

To modify the rendering order proceed as follows:

  1. Select the element you want to change the rendering priority of.
  2. Select the Element settings menu, or act on the commands available in the toolbar.
  3. Select the Bring to front command to give the element a higher priority or select the Send to back command to give the element a lower priority.

Page elements have a higher priority than label elements by default. Page element rendering priority is modified in relation to other page elements.
If you wish to place a page element behind label elements, you need to set the Behind labels option in the Pagination tab of the page element dialog box.