Section to set on-screen page appearance options.

The Page tab contains the following options:

  • Background: definition of the main window background color, which is the empty area behind the paper. By clicking the colored area, a color setting dialog box will be displayed to enable definition of the color.
  • Page edge: color of the edge around the page.
  • Empty labels: color of the pattern used to define empty labels shown on the first page (in case a print start position has been set) and the last page (in case the number of labels in the current job does not fill the last page entirely).
  • Label edge: color of the edge around the labels.
  • Page: paper color.
  • Shadow size: size (in pixels) of the shadowing area positioned in the lower and right side of the page.
  • Empty frame size: size (in pixels) of the empty area around the paper. By reducing this value you will increment the visible paper size.