This tab enables you to define options for the selection frame that is drawn around elements when they are selected.

The available options are:

  • Fill color: color used to fill the selection rectangle.
  • Fill opacity: Fill color opacity value. By dragging the cursor all the way to the left, the selection rectangle will be completely transparent while by dragging it all the way to the right the selection will be completely opaque.
  • Frame color: color used to draw the border around the selection rectangle.
  • Frame: line mode used to draw the frame around the selection rectangle.
  • Show elements while dragging: when this option is active, the contents of the elements will be shown while moving and/or resizing elements on screen. When the option is deactivated, only the frame around the elements will be shown during dragging and resizing operations. Deactivating this option will result in faster screen rendering during the editing phase.