Incremental counters

One of Labeljoy’s barcode generator feature is to create incremental counters: dynamic codes which gradually increase following parameters that you fixed.

Create hundreds of barcodes automatically

With our incremental counters you can print hundreds of barcodes with no need to write them by hand: Labeljoy will generate the counters for you, following your instructions. Counter type (decimal, alphanumeric, hexadecimal), step (the value by which the counter will be increased), how many times it can be repeated: those are but a few of the features you can easily configure.

You can export those barcode to the format you choose (PDF, JPG, PNG or TIFF, for example) or print them directly on your labels.

How to use incremental counter

This tutorial explains how to create labels with barcode in succession without writing codes manually.

1) Double click on the barcode.

Start layout

Fixed + dynamic parts

2) In this case has been inserted a fixed part (00000) and a dynamic part clicking on the Counter icon.

Barcode settings

3) Click on Counter 0-9 to open setting window.

Decimal Counter

4) The Modify counter form enables you to modify some properties (more detail here)

Modify incremental counter

5) Click OK: barcodes are generated automatically!

Barcode generated with incremental counter

Concatenate multiple incremental counters

Double incremental counters

1) Set Decimal Counter.


2) Set Upper Case Alphabetic Counter.

Uppercase alphabetic

3) Here your barcodes!

Alphanumeric barcodes