Print labels from Excel

How to print labels from Excel

Print labels from Excel with Labeljoy

With Labeljoy you can print labels by importing data from Excel in a simple and easy way.
Labeljoy integrates the function of importing data from external databases such as text files, Excel file, mySQL database, Outlook contacts, that allows to easily print many labels.

Find out how can be simple printing address labels from Excel!


This tutorial explains step by step how to print labels from Excel spreadsheets.
Once setted the layout of the label you can start importing the database from an Excel file.

This is the Excel file taken into consideration:

Excel data connected to labels

1 – Import Excel data to print labels

Use the function “Link data sources” by clicking on the icon in the left toolbar and follow the instructions. Select the option “The data is in a file or in the clipboard“.

Select data source type

Select the type of file, in this case it was use an Excel file to print our labels so select “Excel 97-2003“.

Choose Excel file to be printed

Select the Excel file containing the data you want to use.

Select the Excel file from your PC

2 – Import file settings

NOTE: it’s important to correctly set the directions on the header row. As shown in the image below, the Excel file to be connected to the label contains the headers in the first row.

Header row setting

Choose the number of labels to print from Excel

We can set the number of labels to print for each row of the Excel file. In this case it will print one label for each row of the Excel file.

Set quantity of labels to be printed

To set a different number of labels to print see the video tutorial “How to set the number of labels from the database

It is also possible to set filters and sorting of labels to be printed without acting directly on the Excel sheet, but by adjusting the settings directly from Labeljoy.

Sorting labels

Filter Excel fields

Data review of Excel data that will be included on the labels to be printed.

Data review of labels from Excel

3 – Create labels from Excel files

Double-click on the text to insert Excel data into the text field.

Connect Excel data to Labeljoy field

Clicking on the icon “Field” names that are in the header row of the Excel file appear. By clicking on them you can add fields to print connected to the database in Excel.

Add Excel field

Below an example of a possible combination of Excel data in a text field of Labeljoy.

Field from Excel database

TIP! It’s possible to associate Excel data also to Barcode fields.

4 – Print labels from Excel

This is the result obtained associate the Excel file to the field text of a label using Labeljoy.

Printable labels from Excel file

With a few steps you can print address labels from Excel, and customize labels with images, barcode, graphic effects, cliparts, logos.


INFO: The functions of data import from Excel is very useful for creating customized labels as: