The home tab on the ribbon groups together label set management as well as common tasks often used.

The Navigation group enables page navigation and is available when the loaded file contains more than 1 page.
See Page navigation.

The Set group displays the controls to add or remove labels from the current set.
See Set properties.

The Layout group enables you to search or customize the layout shared by all sets in the current job.
See Layout.

The Data group displays 3 buttons through which you can manage data connection to an external data source.
See Set properties.

The Insert group enables you to enter add mode. By clicking one of these buttons you will be prompted to draw a rectangle on the label where you want the new element to appear.
The insert mode depends on the corresponding option as set in Option/Advanced.

The Colors group contains background and frame controls that change the appearance of the set.
See Set properties.

The Clipboard group enables you to:

  • Paste a previously copied set from the clipboard.
  • Copy the current set to the clipboard.
  • Delete the currently selected set.
  • Copy an image of the set to the clipboard.

The Selection group enables you to show/hide group or specific elements and select single elements.
See Selecting elements.

The Advanced group enables you to lock elements on screen or access the set properties form.
See Locking elements.