The Advanced tab enables you to configure all settings that affect the software behavior.

These options are:

  • Show names on mouse move: when this option is active, whenever the mouse hovers over the elements on a page, a small Tool tip text will be displayed containing the name of the element underneath the mouse cursor. The name is set in the Position tab of each element settings dialog box.
  • Show editor after item add: when this option is enabled and a new element is added to the job, Labeljoy will pop up the corresponding editing dialog box.
  • Insert mode: determines how new elements are inserted after the corresponding command has been selected from the ribbon. Draw rectangle is the default mode and requires the user to click and drag the mouse drawing a selection area where the new element must be inserted. Auto will make Labeljoy insert new elements automatically on the label at a predefined position.
  • Job load mode: when you select the Load job command and another job is currently opened, Labeljoy enables you to decide whether you want to Replace the current job with the one being loaded, add the job being loaded to the current one or force Labeljoy to ask you every time.
  • Reset all warnings: many messages in Labeljoy are shown via pop ups that feature a Don't ask this question again check box that enables you to hide frequent warnings, such as the confirmation to delete an element.
    By clicking this button, all suppressed warnings are re-instated and will be again shown.