Software Registration

software registration

The copy of Labeljoy installed in the system requires a registration procedure to be executed only once. The procedure consists ofinputting the registration code purchased at

As long as the registration has not been completed, the software will continue to run in Trial mode.
While in Trial mode, the program works with no limitations, except for an advertisement text added to the first 500 labels and a watermark text added to the following labels during print time that reads "TRIAL VERSION"
See using Labeljoy in trial mode topic for more information.

Before the final registration step, it is still possible to create and save jobs, and to familiarize with the software.

Labeljoy can be registered in Light mode, Basic mode, Full mode or Server mode, depending on the type of registration code purchased.
Light mode does not offer data link capabilities, can only manage Code 128 barcodes, does not allow clipart access and fading colors are not supported.
Basic mode does not offer data link capabilities and does not support QR code, Data Matrix, EAN 128 and GS1-128 barcode symbologies.
Full mode
enables you to take advantage of data connection capabilities and 2D barcodes.
Server mode
is required when installing Labeljoy on a Windows Server machine.