Automatic layout partitioning

automatic layout partitioning

The Layout dialog box enables you to vertically split the layout.

This functionality enables you to overcome the possible inability of the printer to handle the lower section of the paper due to the physical limitation of the drive rollers, enabling you to print on the entire paper surface. In case of label printing, this limitation can result in great waste of material.

Labeljoy offers a solution to this problem by enabling you to modify the layout so that you can print on label sheets twice: the first time printing on the upper half of the sheet and the second time printing on the same sheet rotated by 180 degrees. This way, printing will always take place in the upper half of the sheet where there are no physical margin issues.

You can instruct Labeljoy to create a new layout, based on the current one, with labels in the upper section of the sheet only. The new layout will have a smaller number of rows (normally half) and the lower margin will be adjusted so that the resulting label size will remain unchanged.

Labeljoy automates the creation of such a layout. Once the layout is ready (or loaded from disk), if you click with the left mouse button over the layout preview area to the right, the layout will be automatically modified by reducing the number of rows while maintaining the label height by compensating the lower margin.

To go back to the original layout (the last applied) click with the right mouse button over the preview area.