Manage fields

manage fields

In elements of type Barcode and Text you can concatenate the text with one or more fields belonging to the data source:

When the set to which the element belongs to is linked to a data source, a popup menu will be shown by clicking the Field button on its tab, displaying the list of available fields found in the data source.
By selecting a field name, a new instance will be added to the text in the form of an active link.

If the set is not linked to a data source, a popup will ask if you want to start the data link wizard.

Field concatenation is only available in the Full version or when in trial mode.

The fields added to the text will be shown delimited by curly braces.
By clicking the active links, a popup window will be shown to enable you to define additional properties.

The Modify field form enables you to modify the following properties:

  • Field: selection of the source field.
  • Format: format to be applied to the value read from the data source (optional). For example, if the field contains a date, you will be able to define the textual format, such as mm/dd/yyyy to show a date in the 11/28/2012 format, or by entering dddd mmmm d yyyy you will obtain the text Wednesday November 28 2012.
    You can select a predefined format from the list or enter a custom format.

The option Show this form when adding new items if enabled will make this window automatically popup right after a new field is added to the text.

The concatenated text can include the same field as many times as needed and each instance can have its own unique format, independent from all other instances of the same field.