Adding a barcode

adding a barcode

On line resources:
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In order to add a new Barcode element, you need to start the Barcode insert mode by clicking the corresponding button in the Home tab or in the Barcode tab and use the mouse to draw the new barcode area on a label.

Click on the add barcode button in the Home tab to enter Barcode insert mode. Then click and hold the left mouse button on the label set where you want to add the new barcode. Drag the mouse and draw the rectangular area over which the new barcode element will be inserted. Release the mouse button and the new barcode will be inserted.

Alternatively, select the Barcode tab and click the New button.

A new Code 128 barcode element will be automatically inserted, encoding the text Labeljoy.

Once the barcode has been added, you can modify its settings through the barcode properties dialog box and adapt it to your needs.