Adding a new set

adding a new set

In-depth resources:
Video: Print different labels on the same sheet using sets

You can add a new set to the current job in three ways:

  • Through the Home tab: select the Home tab and click the Add set icon.
  • Through the set context menu: display the set context popup menu by right-clicking on an empty area of a set, and then select the Add set sub-menu.
  • By pasting the last set copied to the clipboard: the set context menu also enables you to access the set copy/paste commands.

Regardless of the method you choose, the new set will start at the first available label position and will be initially made up of as many labels as there are columns on a sheet as defined in the current layout. So, for example, if the current layout is made up of 3 columns, the new set will have its initial Copies number set to 3.


If necessary, the page position will be moved to the last page to ensure that the newly added set is visible.