Code 11

code 11

Code 11 is a barcode symbology developed by Intermec in 1977. It is used primarily in telecommunications. The symbol can encode any length string (though Labeljoy limits it to 255 characters) consisting of the digits 0-9 and the dash character (-). One or two check digit(s) can be included.*

Labeljoy requires you to enter a text in the text box of up to 255 characters.

code 11 symbol

Code 11 requires 1 or 2 check digits. The combo box Checksum enables you to define the number of check digits to be appended at the end. The selection (Auto) will add 1 check digit to texts of length up to 10 digits and 2 for longer texts, while the selections 1 and 2 will force 1 and 2 check digits respectively, regardless of text length.

Check digits are only appended to the barcode symbol. They are not appended to the human readable text.

9-character code 11 with 2 check digits 19-character code 11 with 1 check digit

Text concatenation:
When a Code 11 barcode element is generated by concatenating fields or counters, the following rules apply:
- The text can contain digits and dash (-) signs only.
- Code length must not exceed 255 digits, including dash signs.
When a value not complying with the above rules is found, the barcode is not displayed.

The human readable text can also be shown above the symbol or hidden according to the setting specified in the Text combo box.

code 11 with text above the symbol code 11 with hidden text

* From wikipedia.