This button enables you to open previously saved jobs.

By clicking it, an Open file dialog window will be shown, enabling you to select the file to be opened.

If any files were already opened through this command, then a drop-down menu will be shown. This menu will contain a list of the 8 most recent files loaded.
The menu Delete recent file list will enable you to clear the list.

Labeljoy manages 3 file types:

  • Files with extension* lpa: files containing information on labels and layout.
  • Files with extension* lpe: files containing only label information.
  • Files with extension* lpl: files containing only layout information.

Based on the file selected, Labeljoy will show the information stored in it.

If you load a file while another job is already present, based on the settings in the Main tab of the option dialog box, a message might be shown to inform the user that it is possible to replace the current job or combine it with the one being loaded.

Labeljoy implements Drag&Drop functionalities. Files can also be opened by dragging them from a Windows Explorer window to Labeljoy's working area.
Only one file at a time can be dropped.

* File extensions are visible only when the related Windows option is activated.