Loading data from a professional database

loading data from a professional database

Labeljoy enables you to connect to a professional database system and load data to be displayed on labels.
The supported database systems are:

  • MySql
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server

Additionally, you can specify your own custom connection string to connect to any other type of professional database.
See here for more information.

In the Set properties dialog box (in the Data source tab), depending on the type of database selected, the appropriate controls will be displayed to enable you to enter the required parameters to connect to selected database.
Fill the required fields and then click Load schema to load the list of available tables from the selected database.

You can also use the link data source wizard to connect to a data source.

Once the table list is loaded, you can select the one containing the data you want to display on the labels.
Alternatively, you can select the last item SQL and enter a SQL query to custom-define the data to be loaded.

On the web, many sites offer resources that can help you learn and write basic SQL queries. Here's a few helpful links: