New Features

new features

List of main features and fixes in version 6.1:

  • Greatly improved file management, especially for large files.
  • Added full support for eastern languages (Korean, Japanese, Chinese).
  • Added commands for layout rotation.
  • Added automatic image rotation based on EXIF tag.
  • Normalized layouts with proper predefined page size.
  • In the Layout form, the search box is always visible.
  • Added Reset filter button in filter view.
  • Added image file size warning for images larger than 1MB.
  • Added progress indicator for long file load/save operations.
  • Default template is now unique for each user.
  • Layout form now always shows the layout name in the title bar.
  • Fixed QR code bug that would make them unreadable under certain conditions.
  • Fixed bug in print range form that wouldn't allow numbers with more than 2 digits.
  • Fixed bug in counter form that crashed the application in case the Update start after print option was checked.
  • Fixed bug on text read from db ending with a space.
  • Fixed highlight color not showing during field element drag.
  • Fixed First line contains headers value not properly stored.
  • Fixed Use full ascii value not properly stored for barcodes.
  • Fixed GS1-128 barcode symbology showing on ribbon menu for Basic version but not supported.
  • Fixed error causing not generating code-128 based symbologies on DBCS Windows (Korean, Japanese, Chinese).
  • Fixed state of undo/redo buttons on application load.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

List of main features added in version 6.0:

  • Added support for RTF text.
  • Completely new user interface with Office-like ribbon menus.
  • Added support for vector PDF export.
  • New barcode symbologies: Aztec, MS-Plessey and improved readability on QR codes.
  • Simplified in-place editing, making label creation much faster.
  • New advanced data connectivity features, such as custom database connections, filter view, field drag & drop.
  • Added support for Unicode texts and added 9 new languages for the user interface.
  • Tons of new editing features, such as drop shadow, polygon shapes and stars, grids, print a range of labels and more.