Labeljoy enables you to create groups of labels called Sets.

Sets are independent from each other and only share the page layout.
Sets are made up of a specific number of labels which can be linked to independent data sources.

Even though the concept of sets of labels offers great flexibility, in the majority of the cases Labeljoy is used to work with a single set per job.
The main idea here is to give a complete description of the working concept logic.

The design is independent for each set, with the exception of the page layout which is shared. Therefore, if you decide to create a set made up of some text and a barcode, you can then add a second set made up of a graphic object and two barcodes.
The two sets will be part of the same job and will be printed together.

A group of sets is considered a Job and is saved in a file with extension .lpa to be used again whenever needed.

The model used by Labeljoy: