Multi selection

multi selection

The multi selection tab is used to simultaneously edit a selection of elements of different nature, such as for instance a text and a graphic element.
It is only shown if the selection contains elements of different nature.

The Container group contains the following items.:

  • Background - Define the background style and color for the element.
  • Frame - Define a frame around the element, including line size, style and color.
  • Shape - Define the shape of the element, selecting between rectangle, oval and polygon.
  • Shadow - Define a drop shadow for the element or part of it, i.e.: only the text and not the frame.

The Clipboard group, common to all element types, contains the commands to cut, copy, paste and delete the selected elements.

The Edit group contains useful editing command that enable to change the placement of selected elements.
See Automatic element positioning for more information.

The last group, Advanced, contains the Lock button, to place a temporary lock on the element so that the mouse won't have any effect on it.