The Status Bar

the status bar

The status bar is the horizontal element, positioned in the lower side of Labeljoy's main window that shows information on the current job and Layout.

The status bar includes 8 elements that display the following information (left to right):

  1. Current page number and total number of pages. This element flashes on page change.
  2. First and last label position shown in the current page and total number of labels.
  3. Name of current set, if only one set is present, or number of currently selected set and total number of sets.
  4. Paper size as set in the layout dialog box.
  5. Resulting label size.
  6. Layout name as defined in the Advanced tab of the layout dialog box. Clicking this item will popup the layout dialog box.
  7. Three buttons to quickly set the zoom factor.
  8. Zoom indicator and slider to manually change the zoom.

See Zoom for more information about zooming.

Optionally, during update downloading, the progress will also be shown here.