Through this status bar area you set the zoom factor with which Labeljoy will render the current job on screen.

The Zoom value can be set to a proportional value or a fixed value. The first 3 buttons will set the zoom factor proportionally as follows:

  • Fit whole page: by choosing this option, Labeljoy will display an entire page on screen.
  • Fit page width: choose this option to display the entire width of the page, regardless of the page height.
  • Fit label: by setting this value you are instructing Labeljoy to set the zoom factor to the maximum possible value so that an entire label will fit in Labeljoy's client area.

The zoom value automatically set by Labeljoy, when using one of the three proportional modes, will vary according to the size of the Labeljoy's main window.

The slider right next to the zoom value will enable you to set a fixed zoom value that is independent of main window size, paper size, and label size.

You can also zoom in and out to a specific point on screen by using the mouse keys and the Alternate (ALT) key on the keyboard.
Click the left mouse button while holding down the ALT key to increase the zoom factor by 50%, until the maximum zoom size is reached. Click with right mouse button to decrease the zoom factor by 50%, until the minimum zoom size is reached.
This method also enables you to shift the page and center on screen the point that was clicked.
Note: This method will deactivate any proportional zoom setting that might have been previously set.

Finally, other methods to change the current zoom include:

  • Rolling the mouse wheel while holding the CTRL key down.
  • Use the numeric pad + and - buttons while holding the CTRL key down.